Kempf is recorded as scoring victories on these dates: 4/30/17 a BE2d, 6/5/17 Sopwith Pup, 10/20/17 Sopwith Camel.  He receives another decoration, The Bulgarian Military Merit Order with War Decoration.

This photo was marked as Kempf's second victory, B.G. Chalmerst 54 SQ/RFC.  It was the only photo I saw of a victory.

Fritz in his Alb. DIII

By his ALB. DIII

By his ALB. DV


Kempf was assigned on 10/20/17 to Jasta Schule I at Valenciennes for duty at the flight school until 1/30/18

This photo was marked: Kempf's Pfalz DIIIA 4135/17 By Jasta Schule.


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